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The Truckstop Massage in Blackfalds, Alberta


Body Rub

Room Fees:

1 Hour: $160

Rooms: 3

Showers: 3

Parking: Yes

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1 review

  • Sssoundwave
    3 years ago

    Been here 3 times, 1st and 2nd time we’re full service and today was just a massage with a hand job? I asked for just a massage that time so that might be the service but that last one was defiantly rushed I believe the hostess name was Kara, she was hot but seemed to be more concerned about getting me to cum to soon, about a 15 min back massage then she turned me and went to fast hand job, that lasted about 15 mins then I just felt bad cas she was trying so hard I thought she was going to fall over lol then she started the shower for me :s anyways that was today’s experience, not sure what to make of that, the other 2 experiences were amazing, especially from this one Russian girl a few months ago, wish I knew her name, anyhow over all I’d still come back,

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