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MINT CARE STUDIO in Edmonton, Alberta





Rooms: 4

Showers: 4

Parking: Yes

ATM Machine: Yes

Payment Anonymity: Yes

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7 reviews

  • MB
    5 years ago

    I have been this massage center again last week. There is very new and clean place. There are beautiful young girls. Totally different with before. And the girls very nice , good service and lots patient to me. I will go back there again again

  • Steveq579
    5 years ago

    I've been there many time..and I met Kora,Beckie,Julie..they are all the best. Very professional staff,welcoming and genuine. Extremely clean by the way. All the attendants were gorgeous.

  • J
    5 years ago

    There is a high level new massage center, very good service, very good massage skills, girls are very intimate and sweet, all are my favorite, I am sure I will often visit JJ

  • Markowicz
    4 years ago

    300$ for a 40-year-old washed up bleached blonde... save the trouble and go to Venus instead Edit: I do not like to be called a liar and be told that I did not visit your studio when I spent my hard earned 300$ there. The girl is Bailey, fake pictures on your website and she is nowhere close to the advertised “26”. I walked into that studio 3 times and each time the pictures of the girls advertised were fakes. I understand the need for privacy from these girls but I was really disappointed. 300$ is a lot of money in this economy and the services and the girls should be better for that price. I spend 300$ when I go to Venus for real 20’s , sweet girls and they know how to take care of me, plus they use real pictures. I suggest that you put the age of the girls closer to their age and use real or more accurate pictures in the future to avoid further disappointment for other people. I saw your advertisement on CAF but I did not want the drama there neither did I on google. I can only tell you that if you keep being dishonest, your reviews will keep going down and it’s already on a downhill path. Next time, when a customer is not happy to be scammed in your place, do not call him a liar.

  • Prospector
    3 years ago

    Booked an hour with Morgan Paige. She is not what she appears in her photos and is no way to close to 35. More like 55. I let her do her thing which was a 3 at best. Next time I will spend my money at Baileys

  • Anonoman
    3 years ago

    I've been here a number of times in the past because they gave me a good price, and the location is nice, and clean. Decent showers. The first lady was a little older. Still good. Great massage after. The next couple times I went their were younger girls with breast work done.

  • mmmmhm10
    3 years ago

    stop using fake pics for ur workers <3

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