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Passions Spa in Edmonton, Alberta


We at Passions offer a quality hour session, with experienced attendants. It's your money and time, and we value your return business. We strive to make your stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

We invite you to stop by and speak with one of our attendants about the exciting changes we are making in both staffing and ambiance.

Room Fees:

1 Hour: $120


We are open daily Monday - Friday starting
9am-11pm and Saturday 10am-11pm
and Sunday 11am-11pm

Parking: Yes

1 review

  • c4_walid
    1 year ago

    This Spa is disrespectful and not respectful, The customer service of the girls stand at 0.5/10 One of the Salvadorian girl offered me a blowjob and a massage for the price of 200 for half an hour ... all i wanted is a massage so I didnt take anything it is a shame that we have escorts in spas still in Canada ....

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