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Lotus Beauty Spa in Vancouver, British Columbia


100% guarantee all young and hot beauties are Between 19- 25 yrs old.

Room Fees:

30 Mins: $40

45 Mins: $50

1 Hour: $60



Rooms: 4

Showers: 1

Parking: Yes

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2 reviews

  • jcking
    1 year ago

    Very convenient location. had lots parking spot arounded. the best thing is lotus has back door. girls are very young. rooms are clean. Affordable price with happyending.

  • aznzen
    9 months ago

    Went there! Was greeted by a rude, Chinese, (Hong Kong most likely); wearing glasses receptionist! Wished for a Vietnamese Lady, she was not in, and was told that all Asian women are the same? I replied no they are not. To which I got a snotty snort. I said good bye, and thank you. Will not return.

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