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New Star Asian Relaxation in Vancouver, British Columbia

Room Fees:

30 Mins: $40

45 Mins: $60

1 Hour: $80


10am - 10pm

1 review

  • bruce
    10 months ago

    Can I come to his place I used to come to his place before now full of old women or Chinese women they do not take Visa or MasterCard and debit I bring two different types of bank card companydoesn’t do you need to bring cash hereYou need pay they give other customer See one hot girl there she won’t stay that long in a place And I can hear her getting fuck in that room If you make appointment she was not there I always call before I come When I got there the fucking manager lie Waste of my time by driving Most old Asian working The customers always call Coming pay the manager bring to the room woman working Always change your names If you girls that work in there before in the summertime now mostly fucking old woman well if you go to dream city don’t go there to just go to comer Fox or other places and Kingswa you can pay credit card or VisaOther location they take cards I call my bank Call centre told me you took nothing wrong with your card

3468 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 2A6, Canada


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