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Phoenix Massage in Vancouver, British Columbia


Phoenix Massage persistently aims for the zenith of customer delight at each juncture of interaction. With a fervor for refinement, we actively solicit client feedback, incorporating it as a vital instrument for service enhancement.

Our driving impulse, your gratification, fuels our resolute determination to transcend your anticipations with each encounter. The pledge to furnish an unparalleled service level within our industry remains unyielding.


At Phoenix Massage, we offer a customizable experience. We offer standard massage-only packages, but at the same time, we offer MORE, which is what the vast majority of our clients come to us for.

Room Fees:

30 Mins: $150

45 Mins: $180

1 Hour: $220


8am - midnight

Rooms: 6

Showers: 6

Parking: Yes

ATM Machine: Yes

Payment Anonymity: Yes

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4 reviews

  • jordan
    1 year ago

    amazing services best girls 10 out of 10

  • huberman
    11 months ago

    Great location and the girls are attentive and charismatic. Booking was easy and they allow walk-ins with a smile. I will be back soon!

  • jackyboy17
    11 months ago

    I went there a couple weeks ago and had a fantastic time. I felt so relaxed the whole time through, and the girl really knew what she was doing. I wish I had gotten her name so I could ask for her again. Very nice place. Girls are warm and polite. I highly recommend Nadia

  • Sunshine
    1 year ago

    Prices higher than advertised and women are older than at similar spas in the area. Attempted to cut time short and seemed very annoyed that I asked for a massage for my remaining 25 minutes, only to have to haggle to get 10 minutes of a shoulder rub. Not worth the price, especially when a tip is expected on top of the 240$ room charge

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