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Executive Bath in Winnipeg, Manitoba


Executive Bath, Winnipeg’s best adult massage parlour.

Located in the heart of Winnipeg, we are a 5 minute drive from the Winnipeg International Airport at 835 Ellice Avenue.
We have provided the ultimate in relaxation for the discerning gentlemen for over 24 years.

Executive Bath is a fully licensed massage studio, offering you a choice of 20 lovely ladies daily.
On our two floors, all studio rooms are equipped with luxurious whirlpool baths and
comfortable massage tables. Pricing starts at $50 per session and gratuities are accepted.


Discreet Parking available on surrounding streets and in the parking lot behind and to the side of the building.

Room Fees:

30 Mins: $50

1 Hour: $80


We are open 11am to 11pm Monday through Saturday.

Rooms: 4

Parking: Yes

Jacuzzi: Yes

2 reviews

  • kohenalik
    3 years ago

    WARNING FOR EVERYONE : i gave one star only because the nice lady in the front desk that been nice to me. I paid upfront 80$ for a 1hour of Massage&bath ... the Lady that i chose her name was something starts with S , and has a dark hair and an average body. when we went to the tub she was playing herself super nice and sexy, and after half hour she started demanding crazy money for extra services that i didn't even requested or agreed, after i said NO she flipped even more and started cursing me in foreign languages. so i decided to finish my paid session with 30 minutes still left on the clock and went to the front desk to talk about the situation ... the answer i received is that only thing that they can do for me is to give me another half hour session for free ... and the 80$ that i already paid are non refundable.... so be careful guys to go there and don't pay upfront because its not guarantee you will get even close what you paid for !!!!!!!!!! even on there website is shows : HASSLE - FREE RETURNS ! Very Very Disappointed from that Place.

  • Genevieve35
    4 months ago

    In response to the review left by the gentleman above, when you pay that $80 for an hour you're paying for the rental of the room you're in. None of that money goes to that lady that is servicing you. You are required to tip her accordingly as well depending on what services she provides (tips for the ladies usually start at $60 and go up from there). That is why, if you had read the ad properly, it states, "Pricing starts at $50 per session and gratuities are accepted." It then goes onto say, "Room Rates are: $50/hh and $80/hr." So before you post negative reviews about an establishment please ensure it is not simply a matter of you misunderstanding what you have read or not reading it at all. Thank you.

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