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Allure Health Spa


Since 1993, ALLURE has been a leader in the Toronto nude, erotic, adult massage industry. Located in Mississauga, near Brampton and the Toronto airport, we are close to all of Toronto's major highways.

ALLURE is a female owned and operated boutique-style spa, focused heavily in customer service, striving for nothing less than to surpass your highest expectations. Guided by a relentless focus, we strive to bring you ladies combining a perfect blend of beauty, sensuality and a passion for the erotic art of massage.

Room Fees:

30 Mins: $40

45 Mins: $60

1 Hour: $80


Monday - Sunday: 10:00AM - 1:00AM

1 review

  • SGreenberg
    7 months ago

    It's easy to fall for Kimmy or any of the other Allure attendants, as per Dan's review. Sadly, ALL the attendants are there for one reason only...to make money, easy money that is! Don’t think that these girls would “rub and tug” if they had the choice. Conversely – truth be told – we frequent these spas to relieve our lust and loneliness for brief moments of ecstasy. I have seen Kimmy a total of 4 times. Please don't get me wrong, she is nice and friendly and I’d enjoyable sessions with her. But in terms of attractiveness, her beauty is waning. For example, I've noticed she has gained weight with each passing visit. Kimmy once had the figure of a playmate when she first started at Allure; now she is best described as plump and heavy set. I am not going to focus on her imperfections, such as, her scars, stretch marks, tattoos, etc.). Let's just says, there are other ladies at Allure who are much more beautiful and offer better value for the money. I have since moved on and placed my attention on some of the newer ladies at the spa.

5 reviews

  • Michael Ramlal
    a month ago

    For my birthday I spent my session with the gorgeous Hannah, and when I mean gorgeous, I was lost for words by how gorgeous she was. My session spent with her is definitely my favourite . She had made me feel relaxed & sensual throughout. Hannah is very down to earth and I felt comfortable talking to her. Would I repeat for an amazing experience with her? hell ya.Thank you Allure for having her, and I hope to see you again Hannah :)

  • John B
    a month ago

    I have been coming to this spa everytime I visit this city for the past 2 years. I must say to the individual who does the hiring for attendants and desk staff- wow! You have very sexy ladies working for you. This spa a ran diligently and the ambiance is great. There is rarely a wait, even if there is, I can relax in the lounge with great eye candy that passes through. The girls that I've met are bubbly, social and extremely hot and amazing in the rooms.

  • Rosabel Martucci
    in the last week

    Absolutely gorgeous head to toe, Hannah is super hott and adorable, my boyfriend and I had a great time. Hannah is perfection!!and very professional and will make you feel very comfortable. Other than pleasing us with her beauty, her massages felt amazing and her personality will make you fall in love. Hannah’s a sweetheart! xoxoxo

  • Pete
    a month ago

    I overheard some attendants talking about the drive home last night and how one left their car behind due to being stuck in snow at 2am. **Thought* try being intelligent and do not go to work when there is a severe storm warning. Or at the very least do not drive. It is your life after all. If that matters to you.. How money hungry can you possibly be. Also get an education and a REAL job. You will find your employers are mindful of you and would rather you were safe rather than paralyzed in an accident or worse. You are not valued when thoughtlessly put in danger for what I'm sure couldn't have been a very busy evening. At the end of the day you are just another pair of hands here, clearly. Wake up!!!

  • Rana Kumar
    in the last week

    Tiffany is amazing but may I suggest that spa be open past 1 am as most other places such as perla and flirt are open till 4 am on weekend no doubt allure as excellent service but opening past 1 would make it 5 star for me thank you

392 Gibraltar Dr, Mississauga, ON L5T 2P6, Canada




Established in 1993

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