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Blue Lagoon Spa


Blue Lagoon is known in the industry as the spa that put body rub parlours on the map. Before Blue Lagoon, massage parlours were only frequented by a few regulars. The Blue Lagoon Spa changed the industry by working with the city of Mississauga to license the attendants and the spa itself.

At Blue Lagoon, you have the option of booking your favourite attendant online, through the phone, or online chat with the receptionist. Blue Lagoon also accepts walk-ins, you are able to meet your attendant prior to your session. If the attendant is not to what you thought was satisfactory you can choose to change up to 10 minutes into your session at no charge to you.


Unit 5

Room Fees:

30 Mins: $50

45 Mins: $60

1 Hour: $80


Sunday - Thursday
11:00 a.m. to 4.00 a.m.

Friday - Saturday
11:00 a.m. to 6.00 a.m.

Parking: Yes

Jacuzzi: Yes

ATM Machine: Yes

Payment Anonymity: Yes

1 review

  • Pault
    8 months ago

    Had a session with Brielle. I honestly rather that I burned the money and took care of the urge myself. Oh wait . I did end up taking care of myself. This girl does NOT look like she enjoys her job, in fact, she looked pretty miserable, and in turn made my visit miserable. Also doesn't look as good as the pics make her seem. She was just okay. But biggest problem was definitely her lack of involvement/passion during the session. Nor can you touch her in ways that turn you on. Also i asked for bodyslide and didnt get one. She couldn't manifest a finish at the end so i did it myself. Terrible, terrible attendant.