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Flirt Spa 2 in Scarborough, Ontario


With refined class, contemporary design, and elegant poise, Flirt Spa offers the GTA’s most prestigious luxury spa experience. Escape into our lavish, hidden world of sultry seduction, iridescent allure, and graceful finesse. Dip into the jacuzzi, bask in the glow of candlelight, and yield to the tempting touch of Toronto’s most beautiful and highly skilled attendants.


Unit 1

Room Fees:

30 Mins: $40

45 Mins: $60

1 Hour: $80


Sunday –Thursday 9am–2am
Friday-Saturday 9am-4am

Parking: Yes

1 review

  • Terry ppp
    11 months ago

    Yea that Kylie girl is terrible...i dont know why they keep her