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Red Rose Health Spa in Toronto, Ontario


New Red Rose Health Spa lets you experience the best, vibrant health promoting and relaxing massage.

Our Asian masseuses are youthful, pleasant and energetic with exceptional ability to relax & make you comfortable. Our attendants work with you for a customized treatment to restore your vitality in ways you can enjoy and appreciate.

The ancient Oriental art of massage treatment for men has been the preferred, traditional treatment and it may even replace exercise benefits without the sweat. It is a natural progression of health care based on the Oriental tradition of maintaining good vigorous health and keeping all systems including the immune and endocrine functioning at optimal levels.

Experience the most enjoyable health treatment available today. Everything is designed to

Room Fees:

30 Mins: $40

45 Mins: $60

1 Hour: $70


10 AM to 9 pm - We are open 7 Days a Week

Parking: Yes

3 reviews

  • michaeldouglas19777
    1 year ago

    cindy gives the best brown showers

  • hairylover48
    1 year ago

    This guy needs some very serious help! Yuk!

  • unicorn
    1 month ago

    Standard interior, smallish rooms, maybe a little on the shabby side. The young and attractive attendant provided decent and accommodating service, though without any flirting, teasing or playfulness. There was some unexpected discussion of the payment at the conclusion, but it seemed like she'd just forgotten that I'd paid the room fee up front.

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(3 reviews)

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