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Angel Spa


10:00AM - 12:00AM

Parking: Yes

2 reviews

  • Sophia Maude
    3 months ago

    I pass by 5123 wellington / there front door billboard advertising massage for man and women . So I call looking for job . I hear old voices Chinese women , She tell me come meet the boss she name ( Judy or Emily) So the first day I come to try work , she ask me to necked with bikinis, I'm very surprised and scare . I try acquainted with the work and learn about job . Not all that I think, is really Is bad place , disgusting, filthy, in this salon Then I try to speak with some girl work in here , but they don't speak English or French at all , they that come from China . China to Toronto then Toronto come to Montreal, they are all illegal, poor for them , they live in salon, eat , sleep there , they work 24 h every day. They can do everything without condom, the can't say not because is command of the owner. The owner deal price with customer for them . And all Chinese girl can do with the patrons , the owner scare new customers ( scare police) Every day the owner she can make 1000$ - to 2000$ A day Plus she do services customers in room . But she don't want spen money for hydro Quebec one cent, with this weather like this she don't open the heating, the girl open she come turn off. Every girl there with bikini sexy dress, when the girl finish customers ,then they come back cover the blankets around body , poor girl are doing this place, I hope government Quebec , the laws. Have a solution. With owner of this salon massage 5123 Wellington.

  • jeannus62
    2 years ago

    seulement qu'une masseuse ( asiatique )

5123 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC H4G 1Y2, Canada


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